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  • Optic Design

    The concept of Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) systems is to use low cost optics to increase the light incident onto the very high efficiency semiconductor solar cell material, thus reducing overall cost of the system while increasing energy output.

  • How it Works

    ZenithSolar Z20 features two 11 square meter semi-parabolic optical mirror collectors to capture, reflect and concentrate incoming sunlight onto a highly efficient receiver which generates both electricity and thermal energy.

  • Photovoltaic

    The ZenithSolar photovoltaic receiver is field proven high efficiency multi-junction array of individual solar cells designed for terrestrial solar spectrum. Each cell is comprised of stacked multi-junction semi-conductors. 

  • Heat Transfer

    In conventional CPV systems, the excess heat generated in the solar cell needs to be removed to avoid damaging the cell and to maintain high efficiency of electricity conversion. 

  • Solar Position Tracker & Software

    The frames is assembled onto a dual axis (elevation plus azimuth) solar tracker to optimally position the mirror dishes for maximum effectiveness with tracking precision of 0.10 and zero backlash.


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