ZenithSolar Mission is to produce the lowest cost per watt green solar energy systems to be fully competitive with conventional energy sources (oil) and support global demand for clean energy systems.
ZenithSolar Vision is to be the global leader in producing advanced green clean energy systems and to produce the preferred choice product against conventional energy (oil) heating systems and other clean energy systems.
ZenithSolar Core Value is Environmental and Social Responsibility: to make the planet, and the people who use, benefit and assemble our products, and our shareholders better for the experience, “What is hateful to you do not do to your neighbor”.
ZenithSolar logo is an image of a mirror dish our core product in two colors blue and brown. The blue dish represents the sky and the heavens, the source of solar radiation and man’s ultimate achievement, the Zenith. The brown dish represents our connection to the earth, to be grounded in reality and science and our responsibility to maintain and improve the planet we have been blessed to inherit. Zenith is a term for conveying the ultimate solar position for peak efficiency. In summary ZenithSolar is to convey man’s ultimate and responsible solar energy achievement.

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