ZenithSolar Z20 features two 11 square meter semi-parabolic optical mirror collectors to capture, reflect and concentrate incoming sunlight onto a highly efficient receiver which generates both electricity and thermal energy.

The Z20 receiver consists of a multi junction Photovoltaic array coupled to specially engineered Heat Exchanger to convert concentrated solar flux into electrical power and thermal power. DC electrical power from the PV cells is converted to AC power and fed to the utility grid. ZenithSolar technology dissipates heat by forced cooling and therefore has an extremely low electricity heat reduction coefficient. The systems are suitable for hot climate installations.
Z20 is mounted on a dual axis tracker with ZenithSolar developed imbedded performance feedback-driven closed loop to continually reposition the mirrors for maximum effectiveness with tracking precision of 0.10 and zero backlash.
The thermal energy in the form of heated fluid (water or thermal oil) at 105ºC is pumped through a closed loop system by a Primary Pumping System (PPS) to the various users and applications. Each PPS serves four Z20s, and is provided by ZenithSolar. The Z20 system is designed to ensure profitable, smooth and trouble free operation exceeding 20 years.

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