ZenithSolar launched its advanced 3rd generation Combined Heat and Power Z20 Concentrated photovoltaic system at Kibbutz Yavne, Israel, providing the municipality with both hot water and electricity. While the first 16 demonstration units installed in Kibbutz Yavne in April 2009 provided hot water and electricity to the community, with the latest product upgrade Kibbutz Yavne is now producing and selling electricity to the Israel national grid and providing hot water for 220 community residents. Z20 is certified for FIT (Feed In Tariff) rating.
Integrated in a surrounding vineyard for optimal land usage, the Z20 units in Kibbutz Yavne are producing today 250 Kwp Combined Heat and Power with only 352 sqm of solar mirrored dishes. According to Hanoch Pnini, Kibbutz Yavne member and Project Coordinator “ZenithSolar field has been positive and exciting, we significantly reduced the hot water oil
heating bill and are now selling electricity at a profit!”
Located in Southern Israel, Kibbutz Yavne has a population of 1,100 people, a winery, a watch factory, chicken hatchery, canning factory, significant agricultural production and local school and college. ZenithSolar established Israel’s first Solar Field with 16 Z20 units collocated in grape vineyards providing hot water for the 230 residents and electricity that is being sold at a profit to the Israel grid.
Location in Google Map
Number of units
16 Z20 units
Hot water replacing oil boiler.
Electricity feed-in tariff.
Electric output = 70kWp
Thermal output = 140kWp 
The field is integrated into a vineyard

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