The concept of Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) systems is to use low cost optics to increase the light incident onto the very high efficiency semiconductor solar cell material, thus reducing overall cost of the system while increasing energy output.
The concentration factor, denoted by X, is a measure of the increased light intensity on the semiconductor cell. X equals approximately the area of the optic collector divided by area of the semiconductor solar cell. ZenithSolar system is designed to a concentration factor of 610 X.
The ZenithSolar optical dish is based on a patented design, utilizing multiple simple flat mirrors. Each mirror reflects incoming solar radiation on to Photovoltaic receiver. Multiple reflections overlap producing highly concentrated flux on the receiver.
The ZenithSolar`s `Optics in Plastic` is the key to manufacturing efficiency and superior product quality achievement. A 2800 ton injection molding press uses advanced custom thermoplastic composition developed by our scientists for reliable, stable and long life operation. Our solar dish is injection molded with multiple gate radius heated runners to ensure even material flow and minimal warpage with rapid fill. Molding is completed in a world class facility with full material/environmental controls, material sampling and testing of each resin batch. Each dish is subjected to final product check on weighted custom jig fixtures and 3D product scan to ensure product accuracy. We purposely do not use long glass fibers to ensure wider recyclable product application.
ZenithSolar plastic dish quarters are fixed onto a high precision rigid metal frame to ensure accuracy and long term durability.

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