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ZenithSolar's high concentration photovoltaic systems are suitable for numerous market applications.

Due to its high electricity output and high temperature output, ZenithSolar is focusing on customers and projects that will be able to directly benefit from high temperature thermal heat for hot water needs.

ZenithSolar systems will be positioned close to its customers to enable its customers to extract as much value out of the systems as possible.


One of the markets on which ZenithSolar focuses is gated communities such as Kibbutz Yavne. Real estate developers of gated communities are interested in providing high quality and centralized services to the residences - including electricity and hot water.

Distillation & Desalination

ZenithSolar Z20 is ideally suited to support Multiple-Effect Distillation (MED) Desalination providing heating required to efficiently separated into clean drinking water from salty or brackish water. 


ZenithSolar has identified the industrial and process markets as one of the largest heat consumers. A challenge faced by energy providers to industrial sites is the general real estate constraints.
Since ZenithSolar provides a very high output of energy in a small, modular package, the industrial markets are a very suitable vertical focus. ZenithSolar plans to launch a commercial pilot site at a large industrial plant during 2011.


ZenithSolar has identified hospitality markets - including hotels, resorts, hospitals, and other vertical markets - as a large and receptive target.
Due to the high and constant need for high temperature hot water in those markets - the ZenithSolar system has been identified as an ideal clean energy solution for the hospitality market.

Solar Air-Conditioning

ZenithSolar system provides the ideal solution to solar air-conditioning. The Z20 system delivers high temperature hot water with minimal losses making the Z20 system unique and superior to competitive offerings. Z20 systems can provide hot water at 90°C to an absorption chiller that delivers water at 7° C. ZenithSolar control systems will keep the water temperature to the chiller constant, regardless of the DNI conditions. In optimal conditions, each Z20 system can generate 70kWh/day, which can be transformed to 50kWh of cooling or operating 5kW air handling unit for 10 hours daily. The cooling can serve new constructions or to be added to existing central air condition systems.
ZenithSolar Z20 systems are the most dependable source of solar heating for any type of thermally driven cooling process.


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